Voittajat Top-10

1. sincero06€90,288
2. futsko6666€10,621
3. TheMachine€7,365
4. SuperMazak€7,260
5. DingoBarn€5,925
6. Cillus-€4,988
7. Benrangel€4,564
8. s300pr€4,425
9. cu_€4,289
10. DIN_FRU€4,260

Bad Beat Jackpotti


16 maa23damon€931
16 maaX_antitan€2,978
14 maaChivase€9,457
03 maaBonorocks€2,413
02 maaMRCHUNK€6,227
24 helHGoblin€7,719
14 helISKUKOUKKU€1,400
13 helmrsRIVER€4,417
08 helDrUsA123€292
07 helposeidon8€654

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