Voittajat Top-10

1. sincero €69,308
2. bjooorn €10,060
3. _tomtefan_ €9,719
4. KETHCA €8,377
5. futsko6666 €6,622
6. WasaViking €5,375
7. SPRINGNOTA €4,667
8. camilladk €4,624
9. VENOM21 €4,572
10. shangett €4,456

Bad Beat Jackpotti


03 maa Bonorocks €2,413
02 maa MRCHUNK €6,227
24 hel HGoblin €7,719
14 hel ISKUKOUKKU €1,400
13 hel mrsRIVER €4,417
08 hel DrUsA123 €292
07 hel poseidon8 €654
07 hel HotRaise €1,639
06 hel Monasan €6,387
30 tam GIGIKE €2,126

26 helmikuu 2007 10:30

The 'Other Games' of Poker: Chinese Poker

Phil Hellmuth loves it. So does Men "The Master." Barry Greenstein reportedly dropped a seven figure amount to Ted Forrest in a month-long match at this game, and Steve Zolotow has a World Series bracelet in it. ...

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19 helmikuu 2007 09:59

Two Million Chips: Six Months After

On August 10th, Jamie Gold won the 2006 World Series of Poker main event. Mr. Gold soon had issues collecting his $12 million in winnings, but those problems were recently resolved out of court. There was, ...

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09 helmikuu 2007 16:00

Great British Poker Tour

The Great British Poker Tour (GBPT) in association with Gala Casinos kicks off at the Gala Maybury Casino in Edinburgh on the 21st February, and GBPT expects a great opening night. The tour is being televised, and includes the ...

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08 helmikuu 2007 11:49

Associated Press Reporting Jamie Gold Lawsuit Settled

Although information is just beginning to trickle in, it appears the lawsuit between 2006 WSOP Main Event champ Jamie Gold and Los Angeles based television producer Bruce Crispin Leyser has been settled out of court. The release signed ...

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07 helmikuu 2007 10:53

Poker Book Review - Hold'em Wisdom for All Players

'I'm assuming that many of you reading this book would consider yourself a beginning or novice poker player.' It is a bit unfortunate that Daniel Negreanu chose this to be the first line of the 10th chapter of ...

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05 helmikuu 2007 13:11

The 2007 Poker Player of the Year Race Starts With a Bang

With a flurry of activity, the 2007 Poker Player of the Year race is already being hotly contested. The leader board after the plentitude of January poker tournaments brings poker fans some familiar names and also highlights the efforts ...

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26 tammikuu 2007 13:54

Poker Book Review: 'The Poker Tournament Formula'

We've all been in the position, whether in an online poker tournament or a live tournament in a casino. We've sat and nursed our starting chip stack, never growing it significantly, while those around us have chip stacks that ...

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10 tammikuu 2007 11:48

2007 World Series of Poker Schedule Released

The schedule is out for the 2007 World Series of Poker and at first glance it does appear there are improvements to please almost everyone. The 2007 schedule promises a wide variety of games with varied buy-ins. We will see a grand ...

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04 tammikuu 2007 10:17

Poker In 2006 – One Writer's View of the Top Nine Players of the Year

The poker world of 2006 offered more high-dollar tournaments than in any year previous. Each month, it seemed, there were anywhere from three to five $10,000 buy-in events. This made it very difficult for not only the professionals ...

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03 tammikuu 2007 16:38

Women and Poker: A 2006 Retrospective

A woman didn't win the 2006 WSOP Championship Event nor was one nominated to the WSOP Hall of Fame. Perhaps the former was still long odds and the latter was just short-sighted. But all in all, 2006 was ...

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02 tammikuu 2007 12:19

The WSOP Champions Wall: Two Stories

Downtown at Binion's there is a wall with the pictures of the World Series of Poker Main Event Champions on it. I have some news about that wall and a great story about it too. ...

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02 tammikuu 2007 10:50

Looking Back And Looking Ahead

It seems that another twelve month span of time has passed us by once again. There is quite a bit of truth to that theory that time moves faster as you get older…and it seems to get faster as ...

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